Perryhill Orchards, Edenbridge Road, Hartfield, East Sussex TN7 4JJ UK Tel: 01892 770 595
Kent & Sussex Apple Juice & Cider Centre

Free tasting of our apple juices and ciders in our farm shop.

We produce a large selection of single variety apple juices, some ciders and perry all made from our own fruit.

Apple Juices

juiceWe have something to suit everybody’s palate from the sharper bite of the James Grieve to the smooth sweet flavour of the Russet.
Other varieties of our own juice include: Spartan, Golden Delicious, Cox, Perryhill Pippin, Perryhill Pearmain, Jonagold, Discovery and the irresistible Cox & Bramley mixture.

Taste each variety to discover which flavour tantalises your taste buds.

We also carry a range of juices from other local producers including unique blends such as apple & blueberry, pear & raspberry, carrot & apple to name but a few.

Ciders & Perries

ciderWe produce 3 of our own ciders (sweet, medium & dry scrumpy).

In addition to these we have over 20 draught ciders & perries, and over 35 different bottled varieties.

From the very drinkable amber nectar of ciders, the smooth sweet Sheppy’s Scrumpy, to the “Double Vision” ciders (that need no further explanation) to the “Bone Dry Chiddingstone” to the rather cheeky Double Vision Elderflower Perry we really do cater for every cider lover’s taste.